MLE supply a range of Czech manufactured igniters to the UK designed for fireworks and demolition work.

Holding stocks of the most popular types, we also provide custom types taylored to customers requirements and you can have a go configuring your own by clicking on the ordering link above.

Fusehead type Selection Fusehead resistance No-fire current during 5 min. Firing current during   4 ms Temperature range
No. 1  0.48 Ω - 0.52 Ω
0.52 Ω - 0.56 Ω
0.45 Amps 2.12 Amps -20C bis +40C
No. 2 0.48 Ω - 0.52 Ω
0.52 Ω - 0.56 Ω
0.45 Amps 2.12 Amps
No. 22 1.5 Ω - 1.7 Ω 
1.7 Ω -1.9 Ω
0.18 Amps 1.0 Amps

Wire type Wire material Core diameter Diameter including insulation Maximum resistance of 1 m wire
Single core

Fe (tinned steel) 0.65 mm 1.4 mm 0.400 Ω
Cu (copper) 0.50 mm 1.3 mm 0.092 Ω
Twin Core

Cu (copper) 0.50 mm 1,33 mm x 2,9 mm 0.092 Ω

The reliability of these igniters to as good as it gets, you really can't get better. MLE use these in shows and have never had a single one fail.

Strong carton packing

Igniters can be bundled together

Packing in inners is possible